Written by admin on April 6, 2018

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Written by admin on March 28, 2018

The day for the end of the world has come. Are you ready to infect the world and destroy it population? Infectonator is here to kill that boring time you have and turn into some fun and well spent time. You will have one pretty unique task that you will have to finish if you want to win this game and infect the world. You will have to release some virus which turns some people into zombies which kill the population in large scale. You will just have to release in an area where there are many peoples that can be infected and spread the virus massively.

The controls are pretty simple and you will not find any problems in that section of this game. You will have to use the mouse only to play this game. For every success you made you will get some cash which you may use to upgrade the characteristics of the zombies. You can upgrade their speed, attack, damage resistance, lifespan etc. You will have to destroy towns to unlock different continents and regions for infecting. Use your best gaming skills and knowledge and try to infect the whole world with as less days as you can. If you liked this game you can also try Zombocalypse. Its another fun and interesting zombie game full of action.

We have to mention that this game requires great knowledge because you will have to make some strategy for faster and better infecting act on the world. In Infectonator game if you show some success you will unlock additional zombie types that can help you for faster infecting act. You can upgrade them also. The peoples will try to defend them self with some human artillery but we deeply trust that you will manage to overcome the defense shield they got and succeed in your task. Give it a try and see what we are talking about. We are sure that you will be very addicted by this game and you will give everything you got to complete this challenge. Good luck and have fun while playing this awesome game on our site. Make sure you also check the Zombie Trailer Park game, you will be surprised by the tactics you need to make to win this entertaining game.

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